width: mm lenght: mm

table: 0.0% depth: 0.0% depth: mm

14K White Gold 3 Diamonds Ring

14K White Gold 3 Diamonds weight 0.75ct total Ring


Diamond Information

  • Sku:RET105P50
  • Shape: Round
  • Carat Weight:0.75
  • Cut: No
  • Color: G
  • Clarity:VS1
  • Depth %:0.0%
  • Table %:0.0%
  • Symmetry:No
  • Polish:No
  • Fluorescence:No
  • Diamond Grading Report:No

Color Grade: G

Near-colorless. Color is somewhat noticeable only when compared to diamonds of better grades, but these grades offer an excellent value.

Clarity Grade: VS1

Very Slightly Included. Very minute inclusions are found with minor difficulty when the diamond is observed by an experienced diamond grader under 10X magnification.